DBS Checks

If you are working with children or young people (under 18) more than once per week or 4 or more times in a 30 day period or you hold a position of influence, it is a legal requirement to hold a current DBS. No excuses.

The following rolls are required to hold a current DBS,

  • Welfare and Assistant Welfare Offices
  • Volunteer co-ordinator
  • Coach (whether volunteer or paid, assisting or leading)
  • Umpire
  • Scorer
  • Colts/Juniors/Minis Managers
  • Age Group Managers
  • Open Age Team Captains
  • Junior Supervisors
  • First Aiders / Physiotherapists / Medical Support

BCC will enforce the following policy,

  • First Application, DBS application must have been started within 4 weeks from starting coaching, else you will be asked to stop coaching.
  • If the individual has an expired DBS check (necessary for their role), they can continue in role ONLY IF supervised by a DBS valid colleague, and ONLY IF,
  • Once aware / notified of their expired status the individual is actively seeking renewal, AND They have supplied all relevant documents WITHIN 2 WEEKS of starting the process.
  • Exclusion from all player contact (including coaching etc.) WHETHER supervised or NOT, must occur,
  • After 1 month of being notified of expired status OR 1 month after starting the renewal process and their DBS status NOT being renewed.

Please contact the BCC Welfare Team at bccsafeguarding@gmail.com to start your DBS application.